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 FUN Squad

Dancing Willows FUN Squad (Friendly United Neighbors) is a group of neighbors who plan and sponsor social events and activities for the Dancing Willows Community. Successful annual events have included a Summer Pool Party and a Winter Wonderland holiday party held at the Clubhouse.The Dancing Willows Metropolitan District allows any group or individual sponsoring a FUN Squad activity or club to request the use of the Dancing Willows clubhouse at no charge. There are several ongoing FUN Squad clubs including a Walking Group, a Book Club, monthly happy hours, and sunset viewing on the terrace in the summer. The FUN Squad also organizes neighborhood clean up days to help keep Dancing Willows looking beautiful. The FUN Squad is an independent organization run by resident volunteers who devote their time into building a stronger community by organizing and communicating neighborhood events and activities and to give residents the opportunity to join in on the fun.

E-mails are sent out to the members of the FUN Squad regarding news, events and neighborhood concerns.If you would like to receive e-mail information about FUN Squad activities, please e-mail your contact information to

A Neighborhood Electronic Directory is now available.Please fill out the Resident\'s Information form located on your HOA website if you would like to be included in the directory or need to update your information. Please note that the information you provide in the directory will be available only to the residents of the Dancing Willows community.

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