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Board of Directors Vacancy

Calling for New Board Members!

The Dancing Willow MD is managed by a volunteer board of directors and has undergone a transition from being a hands-on board, to a board that has fiduciary and managerial responsibility.  Community Resource Services (CRS) of Colorado has been our long-term managment company that is responisble for the fiscal and operational aspects for the district under our oversight.

Your role in the district will be to guide and manage the resources available for current and future operational aspects of the district. You may have skills in managing resources, finances or a strong understanding of district/community functions, but the main skill that we need from you is the desire to help the district and community.

The Board of Directors holds 4 regular meetings each year in March, June, September and December; with special meetings called as needed. 

You can find out more by directly contacting Ashly Dorey, District Manager at You can also find out more through attending the next regularly scheduled board meeting. 

Thank you for your consideration, 

Dancing Willows Metropolitan District 


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